Commercial boat hire Newcastle, County Down

Our boat is available for commercial project hire all year round

Catamarans are designed in such a way that makes them very stable, this together with the large flat decking area, makes these boats an excellent choice for commercial ventures including fisheries, film crews, environmental studies, land surveyors, wind farms etc. Our catamaran here at Mourne Sea Tours, the Mourne Lady, has additional features which make it comfortable and safe for all passengers.

Boat features:

  • Ten metre stable catamaran with large deck for twelve passengers
  • Plenty of room for equipment and work gear
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Relaxed seating
  • Optional lifejackets
  • Personal skipper for the day!
  • Toilet

The boat is available for commercial purposes all year round. However, please book well in advance to secure your preferred date. Call 07734970065 for more information, to check availability and to secure your booking.